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Maribeth Theisen, MSW, LCSW, CCHt, is a Counselor (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and Clinical Hypnotherapist.   She has 35 years experience in counseling and hypnosis, with Master Degrees in Social Work and Counselor Education.  She taught at the University of North Texas, Hypnotherapy Academy of America, and Hypnotherapy Institute of Maui, which she founded.  She offers confidential sessions to residents and visitors in her Kihei, Maui office and to English-speaking people throughout the world via Skype.  Skype Counseling and Skype Hypnotherapy offer professional service in the convenience and privacy of your own home. Online Therapy and Internet Counseling and Hypnotherapy via Skype are popular choices today.

Maribeth’s Counseling Includes:

Maribeth also specializes in rapid techniques, like those listed below,  that help people to make permanent changes in their lives
Hypnotherapy:  In hypnosis, you are totally aware and in control, yet open and receptive to make positive changes in your life. Hypnosis is a natural, altered state of mind. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to create healing and change through the release of physical, mental and emotional blocks, replacing them with positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
NLP:  Neuro-Linguistic Programming helps you change how you perceive, think about, and interact with the world around you.  It can be used for any problem or issue.  NLP was developed in the 1970’s when the top therapists in the world were studied and their methods distilled into dozens of simple, fun and ingenious techniques that work with the brain’s natural functions.
EMDR:  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing helps you let go of negative experiences.  EMDR stimulates areas of both the left and right brain to release emotional trauma, physical pain and negative habits, often in only a few sessions.
PSYCH-K helps you adjust your subconscious beliefs to benefit you PSYCH-K uses muscle-testing and whole brain techniques to identify and transform subconscious beliefs that sabotage you into beliefs that inspire and support you.

Maribeth customizes and tailors her Integrated Psychotherapy and Multi-Faceted Approach to you, your challenges, and your goals.

Issues and Challenges you can Resolve:
Anxiety, Panic, Phobias
Grief and Loss
Trauma (PTSD)
Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Verbal Childhood Abuse
OCD, Compulsive Behavior, Habits, Addictions
Lack of Communication or Assertiveness

Maribeth is a member of:

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

National Association Of Social Workers

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE)

She is a former member of Health Hypnosis Service;
and Who’s Who of American Women

When Experience and Skill Matter


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Office in Kihei
Contact Maribeth Theisen:
Phone: 808.269.2923
105 Kauhaa St., Kihei HI 96753
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Skype: MauiBeth